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  1. I need information on El Solana RV Park. Is the owner Patrick Wong? Thank you!

  2. el solano rv & manufactured homes park owners Patrick C & Donna M Wong and managers of the park are never there.They only go to pick up the rent money from residents. As well..their isn’t a maintence person and there is piles of filthy trash which has caused rats roaches black widows . They do not do background checks on any of the residents so their is alot of criminals drugs & profesional thieves staying there as well as people from state mental hospitals such as the one who lived in space 22 that broke into and burglarized The Dollar General Store just last month. His rv is still sitting in the space he rented with filth all around it he busted out most all his windows and the whole entire insides of it prior to the burglary..but again..no manager. There are children and babies there please someone do something to help !!!

  3. I was just wondering if the feed store was still there and still in business.

      • Hi Evans,
        Can we have signs of businesses mounted on the present signage for Inyokern you have on the highway, near the airport. Can you let me know at 626-400-7390 what the costs are to add the businesses of Inyokern to the signage. Mayfair Inn would like to post the sign. You can reach me back at kkrishnan1@hotmail.com

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